IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge

Automation for the common good
15 Dec 2021 - 31 Jan 2022


Use cases

Why you need RPA

Screen shot representing capabilities of IBM Robotic Process Automation

Why you need RPA

Accelerate productivity and reduce errors. Spend more time on strategic work, and less time on repetitive tasks.

Build a bot

Screen shot showing the process of building bots with IBM Robotic Process Automation

Build a bot

Assists RPA developers — or virtually anyone — build an RPA bot and create reports in minutes.

Integrate a bot

Screen shot representing how to integrate bots using IBM Robotic Process Automation

Integrate a bot

Troubleshoot technical issues and develop chatbots that reply to customers in real-time.

Manage a bot

Screen shot representing how to manage bots using IBM Robotic Process Automation

Manage a bot

Maintain your RPA environment and track metrics.

IBM Robotic Process Automation 2021 TEI Study

Read the Forrester total economic impact (TEI) study and attend the study webinar.



Build, run and monitor your bots

Check out low-code and AI features.

Unattended bots

Automate repetitive tasks without human intervention.

Attended bots

Enable human workers to use bots on demand.

Intelligent chatbots

Create engaging chatbots for any channel.

Workload management

Distribute work across multiple bots intelligently.


Manage the time schedule for running unattended bots.

Low-code authoring tools

Build bots faster with hundreds of prebuilt commands.

Your choice of deployment

Deploy on premises or in the cloud (SaaS).

Concurrent bot execution

Increase scalability and run multiple bots on the same virtual host.

Credential vault

Store log-in credentials for your bots with a high level of security.

Optimize your RPA initiatives

Jumpstart and scale your IBM Robotic Process Automation initiatives with IBM Process Mining

Optimize strategy with fact-based process insights to solve the toughest RPA project pitfalls and challenges


Pictogram representing easy identification of automation opportunities

Easily identify automation opportunities by visualizing how processes are working from existing business data.


Pictogram representing security-rich RPA features

Test RPA plans to see the ROI and impact on the process before implementation to manage risks and drive results.


Pictogram representing fast RPA implementation

Fast-track RPA implementation by automatically generating RPA bots from process insights and automation recommendations.

Explore RPA

Discover the benefits of IBM Robotic Process Automation, driven by artificial intelligence.