Break down data silos

Simplify and democratize the use of trusted data with IBM Data Virtualization.



Use cases

DataOps as-a-service

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DataOps as-a-service

Build a business-ready data foundation on the cloud, with capabilities for data management, storage, cataloging and governance. Automate the classification and profiling of data assets and the enforcement of data protection rules to help meet enterprise privacy obligations.

AI lifecycle automation

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AI lifecycle automation

Prepare, build, run and manage your data science and AI models within a collaborative environment. An integrated set of capabilities spans AI model creation and lifecycle management. Streamline model production and deployment and overcome skill gaps using automation and AI.

Data privacy and security

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Data privacy and security

Build a unified privacy framework to reduce data complexity and accelerate AI across all clouds. Eliminate data compliance blind spots with universal policy enforcement and a complete view of sensitive data.


“A platform where we can draw on all of the expertise in our company and build solutions that get ahead of problems, that give us insights into the future that we can act on. That’s how we’re going to free people to be their best...”

— Curren Katz, Highmark Health, Director of Data Science R&D


Leading data and AI capabilities

Integrated experience

Unify leading data science tools, processes and talent within a single platform to help deliver greater efficiency and improved use of resources.

As-a-service flexibility

No worries with installing, managing or updating. Just select the services that fit your needs and deploy with a click — IBM will handle the rest.

Built-in governance

Understand, cleanse and prepare your data to build a trusted foundation for AI. Manage user access and enforce policies to help improve compliance.

End-to-end AI lifecycle

Dynamically create, train and manage AI and advanced models at scale. Monitor performance, trigger retraining and redeployment to constantly optimize.

Hybrid multicloud AI

Deploy security-rich connection points to catalog data assets across clouds. Extend managed data and AI workloads across distributed IT environments.

Data virtualization

Discover, query and control data access with a scalable technology. Query across multiple data repositories no matter where they are located.

Product images

Integrated experience

Product screenshot IBM Cloud Pak for Data Overview dashboard

Integrated experience

Conduct your work with speed and ease within one platform

As-a-service flexibility

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As-a-service flexibility

Provision your services with a single click

Built-in governance

Sensitive data policy dashboard product screenshot IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Built-in governance

Prep, cleanse, and govern your data in the same tool

End-to-end AI lifecycle

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End-to-end AI lifecycle

Collaboratively build your models, mitigate bias, and deploy without leaving the platform

Hybrid multicloud AI

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Hybrid multicloud AI

Data freedom-ability to connect to over 60 data sources and manage your workloads across multiple cloud environments

Integrated services catalog

Fully managed on IBM Cloud

AI/machine learning

IBM Watson® Studio

Democratize machine learning and deep learning to accelerate the infusion of AI in your business.

IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog

Discover, catalog and govern enterprise data more securely.


IBM Data Virtualization

Access data at the source without having to move it.

IBM DataStage®

Accelerate innovation with cloud-native data integration.

IBM Cloud Satellite™

Run data and AI workloads where they make the most sense.


Cloud databases on IBM Cloud

Choose one for transactional workloads, web and mobile apps, and fast analytics.


IBM Cloud® Object Storage

Get flexible, cost-effective and scalable cloud storage for unstructured data.

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