What IBM z/OS Communications Server can do for your business

IBM® z/OS® Communications Server, a high availability enterprise transaction and data server, provides common applications, such as FTP, Telnet and the remote execution of applications. Built for optimum productivity, it provides a secure platform for developing and sharing mainframe workloads.

IBM z/OS Encryption Readiness Technology (zERT) Network Analyzer, a new z/OSMF plugin, is now available for you to easily query and analyze the cryptographic protection attributes of your z/OS TCP/IP and Enterprise Extender connections.

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High-speed connectivity

Supports high-bandwidth and high-speed networking technologies, including Shared Memory Communications (SMC), which provides significant performance improvements for TCP protocol workloads.

High availability

Uses z/OS Parallel Sysplex® technology to enable high availability application support.

Network security

Protects sensitive data and the operation of the TCP/IP stack on z/OS.

IPv6 enablement

Enables IPv6, the successor to aging IPv4 technology, to handle the demands of internet usage with 128-bit addressing.

Network management

Collects network topology, status, and performance information.

Simplification and usability

Makes it faster and easier to configure policy-based networking functions by using Configuration Assistant.

IBM z/OS Communications Server features

  • Network support for z/OS Container Extensions
  • Supports OSA-Express7S and IBM 25 GbE RoCE Express2
  • Improved scalability with z/OS V2R2 Communications Server
  • z/OS Encryption Readiness Technology (zERT)
  • IBM Configuration Assistant for z/OS Communications Server
  • Network Mgmt. for IBM Cloud Provisioning and Mgmt. for z/OS
  • Shared Memory Communications - Direct Memory Access (SMC-D)

Product images

Hardware support, usability and skills (V2R4)
Hardware support, usability and skills (V2R4)
Scalability and performance, application development (V2R4)
Scalability and performance, application development (V2R4)
Enhancing security (V2R4)
Enhancing security (V2R4)