Privacy, security, resiliency and flexibility for cloud

Simplify life for developers with a cloud native experience

With Red Hat® OpenShift® and containers on the IBM Z® platform, you gain greater flexibility and consistency when developing and deploying new digital and AI-infused services. With IBM Z you can cut your time to market by fully integrating the platform into your cloud infrastructure.

Manage data privacy with encryption everywhere

Manage data privacy by policy and keep data protected from internal and external threats – at rest and in flight. IBM Data Privacy Passports, a data privacy and security enforcement solution, is designed to control access and revocation to off-platform data across your enterprise and protect your ecosystem’s data.

Achieve cyber resilience and the ultimate uptime

Reduce your points of failure and build a 24x7 operation. IBM Z Instant Recovery reduces the impact of planned and unplanned downtime so you can be back up in half the time compared to z14 and catch up on your pending workloads, with no increase to IBM software costs. IBM Secure Execution is designed to isolate workloads at granularity and scale and help protect them from internal and external threats. IBM z15 can scale up to thousands of workloads in a single system.

Flexible compute for any business, any cloud

IBM Z is trusted by businesses of all sizes, ranging from two-thirds of the Fortune 100 to next-gen startups. IBM z15™ can make resources available on demand and speed up execution time for workloads through on-chip accelerators for cryptography, compression and complex sorting. Flexible consumption models, flexible packaging (such as air cooling), and a new lower entry point are now available.

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Customer case studies

Hear how this bank uses the resiliency of IBM Z to handle 1.5 billion monthly transactions.


See how this service provider gains data security and peace of mind for retail banking customers.


Technical details

Software requirements

Supported operating systems:

  • z/OS® V2.4, 2.3, 2.2
  • Linux on Z (our partners are Red Hat, Canonical and SUSE)
  • z/VM® 7.2, 7.1 ,6.4
  • z/VSE® V6.2
  • z/TPF 1.1
  • KVM hypervisor for IBM Z (offered by Linux distribution partners)

Hardware requirements

Specifications will vary by model and configuration.

  • See the Redbook for details and requirements.

Technical specifications

IBM z15 offers unique system capabilities:

  • Security: Secure Execution for Linux, CPACF, Crypto Express7S, Smartcards
  • Instant Recovery: IBM System Recovery Boost
  • Specialty engines: IFL, zIIP, Internal Coupling Facility, SAP (for I/O)
  • Flash: Virtual Flash Memory
  • I/O: FICON Express, zHyperLink Express, RoCE Express and OSA-Express
See a complete list of technical specifications

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