Feature spotlights

Actionable, dependable and accurate weather forecasts

Delivers accurate forecasts at 500-square-meter resolution globally. Forecasts are updated every 15 minutes, providing the granularity needed to step through the forecast hour-by-hour out to 15 days.

Extensive weather observation network

Includes one of the highest-resolution weather observation networks that is available in the field based on more than 250,000 personal weather stations in addition to traditional sources.

Historical weather data to anticipate future impacts

Provides businesses with historical weather observations featuring a unique 35 km worldwide grid. Historical weather data helps organizations better understand how weather has impacted critical business processes in the past, allowing them to anticipate the influence that similar weather events may have in the future.

Smarter seasonal and long-range business decisions

Provides a comprehensive view of the anticipated temperature and precipitation patterns for 3- to 5-weeks, 1- to 4-months, and now 5- to 7-months.

Real-time severe weather predictions

Forecasts real-time and trailing estimates of severe weather data, such as near-term hail and lightning predictions, power disruption index, 15-day tropical forecasts, and storm reports.

Lifestyle indices to help you better serve customers

Helps organizations use weather events to better serve their customers, including health-related indices such as air quality, pollen, flu outbreak, aches and pains, and other lifestyle indices.

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