Feature spotlights

Enhance security with adaptive multi-factor authentication

Enhance security and address compliance mandates with custom authentication policies. Infuse multiple user authentication methods for stronger security.

Provide step-up authentication for high risk users

Step-up authentication only for high-risk users and transactions, while providing a more seamless experience for those with low risk.

Deliver seamless strong authentication options

Use context based authentication and risk assessment from the Pinpoint platform to build digital trust across the entire customer lifecycle.

Enable identity proofing across the omnichannel journey

Provide an omnichanel experience, with the same risk logic and authentication across channels.

How customers use it

  • Adaptive step-up authentication for high risk users

    Adaptive step-up authentication for high risk users


    Remediate identity risk.


    Deliver one-time passcodes via email, SMS or mobile push notification and enable bioiometric authentication, including fingerprint, face and user presence.

  • User friendly multi-factor authentication

    User friendly multi-factor authentication


    Ensure strong authentication to any target system.


    Quickly enable MFA mechanisms (email, one-time-passwords, mobile push) on an app-by-app basis.

  • Help address regulatory requirements

    Help address regulatory requirements


    PSD2 and FFIEC now require strong authentication.


    Address FFIEC, 2FA, or PSD2 standards with a unified platform for fraud detection, and transparent, multi-factor authentication.

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