Key Highlights

Personalized dashboard with 360º visibility

View a personalized dashboard of KPIs and significant events -to easily understand and prioritize critical issues in real-time. Get a single view of connected data from across disparate sources to unlock intelligence and new value from your existing systems.

Watson-assisted decision making and collaboration

Use Watson to rapidly assemble the right team to collaborate and manage exceptions and resolve disruptions quickly. Watson understands queries through natural language conversations and deepens its understanding of your supply chain with every interaction and decision. As each event and resolution is captured, Watson develops Digital Playbooks that curate organizational knowledge to optimize responses to future events.

Access to Control Tower Solution Blueprint - Inventory

Integrate supply chain data sources and optimize inventory. Proactively monitor and manage inventory across your supply and fulfillment networks. Get smart alerts for inventory imbalances and mitigate disruptions before they impact inventory Available to Promise (ATP). Avoid quality issues and spoilage for perishable items. Increase on-shelf availability of products and reduce safety stock.

Access to Control Tower Solution Blueprint - Logistics

Optimize the end-to-end flow of transactions, approvals and goods. Proactively monitor and manage transactions and shipments, including cross border trade. Get smart alerts on potential disruptions related to transaction processing, approvals and the movement of goods. Monitor risk factors to stem delays from weather events, port congestion and customs delays. Leverage digital playbooks to continuously improve resource utilization and logistics efficiencies.

AI trained in the language of supply chain

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson leverages AI, trained in supply chain through machine learning, to provide comprehensive, end-to-end visibility and insights. With Sterling Supply Chain Insights, you can now access the unstructured data relevant to your operations; predict, assess and mitigate disruptions; and optimize the supply chain to deliver greater value.

Open and rapid integration of data sources

Connect disparate data and systems silos to provide deeper visibility and insights. Elevate your existing systems and achieve rapid ROI with AI-enabled, hybrid-cloud capabilities. Enterprise-ready containerized software allows you to extend the value and reach of legacy applications and data. Composable, supply-chain-ready AI building blocks enable developers to accelerate supply chain integrations.

Security and privacy in the cloud

Scale and adapt quickly to changing business needs without compromising security, privacy or risk levels with the IBM Cloud.

Get started quickly with our Fast Start program

Engage in an agile, phased workshop with IBM consultants to assess the value of applying AI to your supply chain. Together, you’ll identify use cases, determine a go-forward approach to accelerate implementation, and build a proof-of-concept using your own data. Choose from three options: Design Camp (1 week), Standard Program (6 weeks) and Premium Program (12 weeks).

Customer case study

Learn why Lenovo is looking to IBM Supply Chain Insights as their end-to-end platform.

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