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A different way to procure storage capacity for your business requirements that is linked to your business initiatives, calculated monthly on consumption and billed quarterly.

We establish your current and future capacity needs and agree on a configuration. Then we ship the entire solution so that you can get started quickly. As you grow, you simply provision the storage up or down as your needs dictate.

You only pay for what you use, average measured daily over a monthly period, billed quarterly. No need to over buy capacity. High upfront costs are moved to a predictable quarterly charge directly aligned with your usage. No need to disrupt your IT environment to keep any capacity buffer full.

Currently IBM FlashSystem® 9200 and 9200R, FlashSystem 7200 and 5100 and associated expansion units. The full VersaStack™ solution family including pay-as-you-use for compute (via Cisco) and IBM Cloud Object Storage and the IBM Elastic Storage Server.

The IBM Storage Utility Offering is ideal for all industries and customers with more than 250TB capacity needs and growing.

Contact your local IBM representative or your preferred IBM Business Partner. We will work with you to understand your capacity needs and build a plan for your specific business needs. We deliver the systems with 100% of your projected capacity so you can quickly move forward with your initiatives.

If your data needs shrink during any month, your monthly capacity bill will reflect your capacity usage, with the minimum being your current “base” needs.

Additional capacities are instantly available, simply provision what you need. There is no need for a vendor to enter or disrupt your data center to top up buffer capacity. This also eliminates the need for a lengthy procurement cycle to add new capacity within the contract period.

The IBM Storage Utility Offering delivers all capacity and required software licenses up front. There is no incremental buffer capacity to keep updated and ahead of your capacity needs. If something unexpected comes up, you are covered.

Because you have all your capacity requirements up front, there is no need for anyone to enter your computer room to expand or update your buffer with additional hardware or software. All capacity is instantly available on day 1 for provisioning. No Raid groups to rebalance, no pools to rebuild.

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