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IBM Cloud offerings provide proactive customer communications about application changes, planned maintenance and outages. In addition, there is no limitation on the number of users or project entitlements that can be supported in the cloud environment.

IBM provisions the infrastructure for the service, including network, hardware and software that are necessary to support IBM software products. Every production and trial environment will have encryption of data at rest and in flight.

The customer will receive access to AppID upon purchase. AppID will either work as an OpenID Connect provider based on a non-public LDAP or it can be integrated with a customer-based enterprise directory (SAML).

Requirements Quality Assistant is a part of Engineering RM tools that connects to the cloud with a local plugin. Integration occurs at the browser level. You're secure with cloud-based components utilizing a security-rich data center with built-in high availability supporting infrastructure.

The solution uses the Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU) service. As a stateless service, the Watson NLU service processes but does not store the data. The data is only used to complete the transaction. When that call to the service is completed, the data is not retained.

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