What it can do for your business

IBM® PureApplication® is the fastest way to deploy, manage and move application environments across hybrid clouds. IBM PureApplication is a hybrid cloud application platform for deploying traditional enterprise apps such as analytics, commerce, portal, mobile and business process management to the cloud faster than ever before. By capturing applications as patterns, you have a seamless path to move the apps across hybrid environments without any change. IBM PureApplication simplifies and automates these tasks and processes to accelerate application delivery, lower costs and reduce errors.

Accelerate deployment of apps

Automate application deployments using application patterns to avoid time-consuming manual tasks that may introduce errors.

Simplify app lifecycle management

Use policies to efficiently manage, maintain and operate deployed application environments.

Deploy apps across cloud landscapes

Execute repeatable patterns for fast, seamless and reliable deployments on or off premises.

Key features

  • Accelerate application environment deployment
  • Simplify application lifecycle management
  • Divide and isolate physical resources through cloud groups
  • Automate scaling for fast response during use spikes
  • Use encryption support to improve application security
  • Distribute costs with chargeback and manage users and groups
  • Deploy app environments across hybrid cloud landscapes
  • Run cloud services, applications and more on a single system
  • Improve governance for IBM and non-IBM software
  • Backup and restore and achieve single rack high availability
  • Use multi-system deployment and larger subdomains

Which option is right for you?

  • IBM Bluemix Local System

    An integrated system with optional activation: IBM® Bluemix® Local or IBM PureApplication® Software. It includes hypervisors and network devices.

  • IBM PureApplication System

    An integrated system that includes: hardware, PureApplication Software, hypervisors and network devices in a physical box managed through a unified console.

  • IBM PureApplication Software

    A deployment engine and management console.

  • PureApplication Service

    Features IBM PureApplication Software deployed in IBM worldwide cloud data centers.