Host communication and networking details

Full 64-bit architecture eases management tasks

The 64-bit enhancements make it easier to manage environment from the Host Access Client Package server to save configurations and rapidly download updates. And the Managed HOD environment replaces the browser on the local machine and removes the need to download the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Platform-independent solution

Includes Standalone Host on-Demand (HOD) client application, a Java® based standalone version of IBM Host on-Demand emulator—making it a platform-independent application solution for host access. It handles a wide variety of protocols, including ISDN, High-Performance Routing (HPR), SNA, TN3270(e), TN5250 and IP. Provides SNA interfaces for logical unit applications (LUA), advanced program-to-program communications (APPC) and common programming interface for communications (CPI-C) on Windows.

Enhanced security

Connects to security enabled servers with support for load-balancing Service Location Protocol (SLP). Includes Bypass Signon Using Password Substitution, Kerberos Services Ticket Auto-Signon and Certificate Express Logon. Allows the Client-Server negotiation over GSKIT secure channel using certificates. Offers a secure FTP client.

Developer support

Enables you to capitalize on existing investments and extend applications to web-based technologies. IBM Personal Communications offers application programming interface (API) support—including Emulator High-Level Language Applications Programming Interface (EHLLAPI), through programming languages such as C++ and IBM Java Runtime Environment. Remote API Client is now packaged to connect to a host over SNA in a 64-bit environment.

Time-saving utilities

Boosts troubleshooting efficiency with debug tools such as Trace utility. Provides multilingual support, including double-byte character set (DBCS) languages, euro sign support, and extensive keyboard and code-page support. The product includes the option to print from display or printer sessions and provides a print preview option of collected screens should you wish to proceed with printing or abort and collect different screens.

Technical details

Software requirements

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    Hardware requirements

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