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Automatically Log On a User at Linux System Boot Time

Learn about mingetty, an autologon method that automatically logs on a user ID at Linux® boot time.

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Creating an Event Console with Automation for z/VM and Linux

Perform event management and automation in a way that is familiar to most z/OS® system programmers.

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Integrate Operations Manager for z/VM and Netcool®/OMNIbus

Send Event Integration Facility (EIF) events and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps.

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Put Configuration Files and Automation EXECs in SFS

Manage Operations Manager for z/VM® configuration files and automation EXECs in SFS instead of on minidisk.

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Routing Linux and UNIX SYSLOG data to Operations Manager

Route local and remote syslog data to Operations Manager by configuring it to receive it.

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Enabling the FACILITY Class for Use by RACF for z/VM

Learn to use RACF to control access to various functions in Operations Manager.

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Fact Sheet for IBM Operations Manager for z/VM V1.6

Provides a one-page overview of Operations Manager for z/VM V1.6.

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Operational Monitoring and Automation of z/VM and Linux on IBM Z

Get tips and best practices on operational monitoring and automation of z/VM and Linux on IBM Z® systems.

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Operations Manager for z/VM Program Directory V1.6

Learn user ID creation, product installation and PTF or service installation.

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Operations Manager for z/VM Administration Guide V1.6

This installation and administration guide includes setup, configuration and command syntax.

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IBM Infrastructure Suite for z/VM and Linux - Customer Experiences

A compilation of real customer experience scenarios on managing z/VM and Linux on z Systems or LinuxONE environments.

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