Feature spotlights

Central data repository

Provides centralized document management with check-in and check-out, version control and audit trail capabilities. Enables unlimited levels of entities, processes, risks and control hierarchies to match the structure of your organization. Reduces redundancies through shared documents, processes, risks and controls.

Regulatory library management

Offers a centralized library of laws, regulations and best practices. Monitors external changes to regulations, and uses version control and audit trails to evolve libraries over time. Also harmonizes compliance programs for departments, to promote a standardized compliance approach. Maps similar mandates to the same controls, helping to reduce overall complexity and cost.

Multiple views of compliance

Lets you view your state of compliance in multiple dimensions such as regulatory mandate, business function and business entity. Provides a summary of regulatory compliance from many angles including functional areas, business units, region or individual mandate.

Analysis and decision support

Provides dashboards, charts and dimensional reporting to offer insight into the state of compliance and operational risk. Provides browser-based, drag-and-drop report design capabilities, and lets you drill through reports for root cause analysis. Supports the immediate execution of risk mitigation strategies.


Allows you to configure forms, user interface, language, reporting, workflow, system settings and more. Facilitates a flexible approach to compliance that can accommodate changes and align with your procedures and naming conventions.