Feature spotlights

Document management and security

Provides document management with check-in and check-out, version control and audit trail capabilities. Also offers secure and centralized management of financial compliance data. Supports dependency mapping and sharing of process documentation as well as associated risks and controls.

Dimensional reporting and dashboards

Provides dashboards and reporting features, and supports browser-based, drag-and-drop report design. Delivers reporting on the state of financial compliance, and helps ensure that issues are remediated quickly.

Compliance and risk management

Enforces risk and compliance policies and procedures across the enterprise, and enables you to conduct materiality-based scoping. Identifies and helps remediate problem areas while streamlining risk and compliance processes.

Configuration and system integration

Enables you to configure forms, the user interface, languages, reporting, workflow and system settings. Also interoperates with other technologies including financial consolidation systems, audit tools and continuous controls monitoring systems. Automates testing with live data from business applications.