What a License Metric Tool can do for your business

IBM® License Metric Tool (ILMT) helps IBM Passport Advantage® (PA) customers determine their full and sub-capacity processor value units (PVU) licensing requirements. It helps calculate the number of PVUs available to installed Passport Advantage PVU-based software, including supported virtualized servers. Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express customers can order this tool at no charge by selecting the IBM License Metric Tool, part number D561HLL.

Easily comply with PA license terms

The software generates reports to help you determine if you have the appropriate number of PVU license entitlements for each Passport Advantage PVU-based product installed in your environment.

PA sub-capacity compliance

Terms require you to create, verify, adjust, sign and save License Metric Tool reports. With sub-capacity licenses, you pay only for logical or virtual server capacity in use by PA PVU-based software.

Distributed server virtualization

IBM License Metric Tool helps provide PVU-based software inventory reports to help manage diversified workload consolidations onto virtualized servers.

Lower liability risks

Reduce the risk of not meeting your Passport Advantage PVU-based contractual licensing conditions. You will also avoid the expense of unplanned license compliance payments.

Track IBM PVU-based software inventory

This tool helps maintain that continuously updated inventory of Passport Advantage PVU-based software assets are installed on your network.