What IMS Database Reorganization Expert can do for business

IMS™ Database Reorganization Expert for z/OS® provides an integrated database reorganization infrastructure for IMS full function databases. It enables you to reorganize the database more quickly and efficiently by running unload, reload, index-building and image copy tasks concurrently if the database has no logical relationships.

Eliminating multiple steps yields greater efficiency and can help improve IMS availability and performance. It includes all the features and functions of IMS Parallel Reorganization for z/OS, V3.2.

IMS Database Reorganization Expert for z/OS

Gain thorough support

Supports the creation, customization and centralized storage of policies on database exception detection and conditional reorganization.

Add Smart Reorg utility

Provides Smart Reorg utility with the capabilities of the exception notification and conditional reorganization based on policies stored in a centralized policy repository.

Better determine reorganization needs

Collects statistical data about databases and determines the reorganization needs of the databases based on the reorganization policy selected for the database.

Get needed alerts

Detects database exceptions and notifies the TSO users or z/OS operators that are specified in the relevant policy of the exceptional state.

IMS Database Reorganization Expert for z/OS features

  • Reorganizing the IMS database
  • IMS High Performance Unload
  • IMS Index Builder
  • IMS High Performance Image Copy
  • IMS High Performance Pointer Checker

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