Predict variances and optimize plant performance

Harness the expertise of your most skilled operators

IBM Plant Advisor learns from the actions of expert operators by correlating the actions with outcomes for any situation. The knowledge gathered is then used to calculate the right set points for various operating conditions and guide everyday operators on the right actions that will maximize throughput, optimize quality and minimize energy.

Unlock insights hidden in your plant floor data

Plant Advisor uses advanced machine learning techniques to bring insights out of plant floor data collected. Process engineers can compare process efficiencies across several plants and baseline performance to derive process improvement steps.

Optimize costs, quality or throughput

The solution is configurable so you can choose specific KPIs for optimization. In the case of cement, the fineness is an important criteria and has to be optimized at a narrow tolerance even if it takes more energy. Or vice versa, the energy consumption has to be minimized even if fineness has higher variance.

Delivered as software as a service

Plant Advisor is delivered as a service making it easy for end users to adopt and use it without upfront infrastructure cost and minimum training. This will accelerate time to value and cost savings with a minimal initial investment.

Technical details

Software requirements

There are no specific software requirements for IBM Plant Advisor.

    Hardware requirements

    There are no specific hardware requirments for IBM Plant Advisor.

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