Feature spotlights


IBM is a leader in the ODPi community. IBM Open Platform is compliant with ODPi standards. This helps ensure interoperability across Hadoop and ecosystem tooling.

Reliable and tested components

Hadoop relies on interdependent components, where versions could be incompatible. IBM has curated and tested Hadoop components to ensure they work together in production on many use cases.

Spark included for fast processing

Spark delivers lightning fast in-memory processing to Hadoop. Its advanced analytics capabilities include near real-time streaming, graph computation analysis, and built-in machine learning libraries.

Extensible to precisely meet your needs

IBM Open Platform is the core of BigInsights offerings. With BigInsights, you gain added value features like Big SQL and Text Analytics - and the IBM portfolio extends the solution even further.

Download at no cost

IBM Open Platform is offered at no cost, with available Docker image and native installation versions to help lower costs. You can also take advantage of fee-based professional and support services to help ensure peace of mind.