Feature spotlights

Enable business users to manage workflows

Provides a design environment that enables business users to engage directly in improvement of workflows. With the right information at the right time, they can easily monitor, manage and optimize workflows.

Implement changes quickly for greater agility

Quickly assemble and deliver dynamic content-centric applications. Reuse existing elements to deploy customized solutions for multiple business groups. Reusable templates simplify the ongoing management of your solutions by maintaining consistency from one business group to the next while meeting auditing requirements.

Gain visibility across workflows

Helps you gain visibility through a business-led change design, engage process participants and scale to support enterprise transformation. Enables you to easily prioritize work and improve productivity. Built-in monitoring and analytics can optimize business processes through simulations and comparisons that can be measured against historical benchmarks.

Increase efficiency and consistency

Enables you to gain efficiency and improve consistency by reusing process components across multiple workflows.

Meet governance and compliance requirements

Improves your ability to meet and manage information lifecycle governance requirements such as protecting customer data and complying with data retention regulations. Enables you to monitor processes, track process participation and facilitate auditing for compliance.

Deliver better speed and scalability

The infrastructure is provisioned with one or more environments for developing and testing. It also provides a highly available, production solution with disaster recovery options and utilizes virtual machine and container technologies to deliver better speed and scalability.

Access from the public cloud

Access the cloud service from the public cloud or mobile devices through the cloud portal or use a separately available Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect.

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