What IBM Explorer for z/OS can do for your business

IBM® Explorer for z/OS® improves the efficiency and productivity of the day to day activities of your system programmers and application developers, as well as simplifying the deployment and maintenance of IBM Eclipse-based products. Built using a continuous integration and delivery pipeline, z/OS Explorer delivers extensible workstation connectivity to key z/OS functions.

Increases productivity and efficiency

The integrated Eclipse environment empowers programmers and developers to access the same familiar products they already use, improving productivity and efficiency.

Enhances the user experience

Continuous integration and delivery pipeline, plus an extensible and compatible suite of tools and capabilities enhance the z/OS DevOps tools user experience.

Simplifies application maintenance

Push-to-client technology simplifies the task of applying maintenance to all Eclipse clients. System administrators can distribute updates through a server-imposed policy.

Improves navigation

Strategic Eclipse platform provides connectivity to key z/OS functions and delivers significant enhancements for navigation to z/OS data sets, zFS files, and JES jobs and output.

Key features of IBM Explorer for z/OS

  • IBM repository of compatible products
  • Application development
  • Connectivity to z/OS
  • Remote System Explorer (RSE)
  • Push-to-client technology
  • Smart JCL editor
  • TSO command console
  • Entitlement

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