Feature spotlights

Boost engagement with a streamlined digital experience

Create personalized digital experiences for your customers, partners or employees with role-specific content and single sign-on to improve productivity. Increase branding power with relevant, rich content.

Offer a flexible and responsive design

Provide a content lifecycle that follows your business process and approval requirements with a configurable and reusable workflow model.

Easily craft and manage your content

Flexible customer experience platform templates simplify building and deploying dynamic, content-rich sites for all your digital properties. Use the rich text editor to enable content managers to track changes, edit images and check spelling. Use in-line editing directly in the web page to simplify and speed content changes.

Leverage the power of Watson technology

Provide access to overall better data delivery with cognitive tagging and cloud-based content management, allowing a risk-free hybrid Cloud deployment option. Integrate a continuous delivery model that eliminates the need for major migrations.

Build brand with an integrated digital experience platform

Deliver on the promise of a unified experience with a single, flexible digital experience platform that integrates persuasive content, commerce, and marketing capabilities to deliver exceptional digital customer experiences.

Embed social capabilities to help you connect

Simplify interacting with your business by easily connecting to forums and social sites. Help facilitate idea sharing to foster innovation.

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