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QMF is an easy to use, secure business analytics and visualization solution that is optimized for IBM Z data.

  • Supports most data, including relational, non-relational, flat files, and web services data
  • Delivers Self-Service BI to the enterprise with automatic dashboarding and intuitive visualizations
  • Optimized for IBM Z sources such as IMS, ADABAS, Db2 for z/OS, VSAM, IDMS and SMF
  • Includes data virtualization technology to execute analytics cost-effectively without moving data off IBM Z

Analyzes your enterprise data

Provides visualizations, dashboards and reports from z data like VSAM, IMS, DB2, IDMS and ADABAS without moving the data off IBM Z. It also supports most other structured and non-structured data.

Expands analytics to everyone

Provides an intuitive user interface enabling your business users to automatically create visualizations across data sources and instantly share those insights with their peers.

Consolidates and reduces costs

Eliminates the need for multiple BI tools for different data sources, and there are no per user/source costs. Creates fast, in-place analytics for multiple users and data sources.

Powerful reasons you need IBM QMF

  • Visualize your structured and unstructured enterprise data
  • Analyze VSAM, IMS, ADABAS, IDMS, Big Data and more
  • Deliver analytics from multiple sources
  • Supports self-service Business Intelligence

Security and privacy in the cloud

  • IBM enables companies to scale and adapt quickly to changing business needs without compromising security, privacy or risk levels when using IBM cloud offerings.

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Analyze VSAM, IMS, ADABAS, IDMS, Big Data and more
Analyze VSAM, IMS, ADABAS, IDMS, Big Data and more
Supports self-service Business Intelligence
Supports self-service Business Intelligence

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