Improves eDiscovery forecasting

IBM® Atlas eDiscovery Cost Forecasting and Management helps attorneys and legal controllers project future discovery costs to avoid expense deviations and improve negotiations with legal adversaries. eDiscovery Cost Forecasting and Management provides a shared view for legal, finance and business partners to help avoid surprises and improve decision making. It includes thorough reports and intuitive dashboards to assess discovery costs by fiscal period.
IBM Atlas eDiscovery Cost Forecasting and Management

Delivers more control over costs

Provides the ability to gain greater control over discovery costs related to single matters and portfolios.

Improves strategic decisions

Empowers strategic decision-making by enabling accurate and comprehensive discovery cost estimates that resolve matters earlier.

Tracks discovery costs

Continuously tracks discovery costs for ongoing insights into cost and forecasting management.

Improves negotiating power

Empowers your staff with improved negotiating power by identifying optimal settlement decisions quickly.

Optimizes fiscal period impact

Improves planning and fiscal outcomes by providing optimized cost and forecasting scenarios that maximize fiscal period impact.

Key reasons why you need Cost Forecasting and Management

  • Gain greater control over discovery costs
  • Improve strategic decisions and enable faster resolutions
  • Track continuous discovery costs
  • Improve negotiating power to reduce scope
  • Optimize fiscal period impact