Feature spotlights

Searching for archived email

Using the email search function of Content Collector's web client, you can search documents by date, sender, recipients, subject, contents, attachment contents, or any combination of these. You can also customize the search function. You can then preview the documents that met your search criteria and restore them to the mailbox.

Restoring of archived documents

Restoring and viewing is available for all documents that were archived from a mailbox, a personal storage file (PST file) and a local Notes archive (NSF file).

Archiving to a central repository

Content Collector stores entire email content into a central repository (email body, all attachment text, and metadata), deduplicated instances and searchable XML.

Applying retention policies to individual messages

By associating retention schedules that are managed centrally and consistently with email that is archived, you can manage the lifecycle of this email and defensibly dispose of it at the end of the lifecycle. By linking retention schedules to these documents, you build the foundation for good information governance.


To avoid storing redundant data, Content Collector uses two layers of deduplication: Content Collector deduplication and Repository-based deduplication. Content Collector deduplication reduces the number of objects that are created in the repository reducing the space that is used for storing multiple copies of the same email. Repository-based deduplication reduces the space that is used for storing attachments when the same file was attached to different email documents.

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