What z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition can do for businesses

IBM® z/OS® Connect Enterprise Edition enables you to empower a wide community of developers with a simple and intuitive way to consume data and services hosted on IBM Z®. It provides a single, common way to unleash your existing market-differentiating assets on IBM with RESTful APIs.
z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition

Speed application development

Empower app developers with critical data and services through RESTful APIs designed to be easily consumable.

Harness new opportunities

Expose IBM Z assets as APIs without changing your backend applications. Use these APIs to leverage the API economy, creating new opportunities with developers and cultivate new customers.

Secure and control

Host APIs on one of the world's most trusted platforms with enhanced security through pervasive encryption on IBM z14®.

z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition features

  • RESTful APIs to and from your mainframe
  • Point and click API mapping, no code changes required
  • Comprehensive subsystem support
  • Easy integration with API management solutions

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Intuitive tooling
Intuitive tooling
Encapsulate APIs as a single artifact
Encapsulate APIs as a single artifact
Integrate with API management solutions
Integrate with API management solutions

Which option is right for you?

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    Try out z/OS Connect EE in your environment today for free.

  • Limited

    API enable your first few Z applications.

  • Unlimited

    Bring the value of your entire mainframe to the cloud.

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