Reinvent business processes with digital transformations

IBM® Cloud Garage brings together IBM Design Thinking, lean startup, agile DevOps and extreme programming to help you transform your industry. Using IBM Cloud Garage, you can learn how to create personas and user stories to understand pain points, prioritize backlogs to deliver the minimum viable product, and build user-experience prototypes. You also learn how to deliver incremental value and validate it with sponsor users.


Identify, design and build the right application to deliver measurable business outcomes.


Expand the value of your current IT assets by bringing them to the cloud.

Service management

Increase flexibility and streamline cloud operations.

IBM Cloud Garage Academy

Accelerate your organization's transformation to cloud by upgrading your skills and adopting best practices.

IBM Cloud Garage Method

Utilize the IBM Cloud Garage Method, which combines practices from design thinking, agile development, Lean Startup, and DevOps.

Connect with your customers and transform your industry

  • Connect
  • Prioritize
  • Create
  • Deliver