Think Digital Summit South East Europe

27 October, 2020

Think Digital Summit South East Europe

27 October, 2020


Let's rethink how to move forward

The situation and circumstances changed and so did we. Some are calling this the new normal, but in fact it is a different normal. The world’s businesses begin to reopen, and it's time for us to rethink how we move forward. It’s time to reimagine how business and society work.

Join us at Think Digital Summit South East Europe to:

  • Discover how to enhance IT resiliency and ensure business continuity
  • Learn how to reconfigure your infrastructure while protecting your organization from a new wave of cybersecurity threats
  • Engage with IBM experts and connect with peers
  • See how the newest technology paired with IBM industry expertise can help your organization to emerge smarter, more resilient and more agile for years to come

Let’s put smart to work.

IBM Think Digital Summit South East Europe

IBM Think Summit is gathering IT's and business professionals from the whole South East European region not only to tell you, but to show you how to move forward with your digital transformation.


Our 2 hours-long digital event is focused on helping rethink how business and society work while providing the technical education and the essential skills you need to build a smarter future, and become stronger as individuals, as businesses, and as a society to a different normal.
Learn how you can protect and stabilize your organization, enhance IT resiliency and business continuity, address new cybersecurity risks and engage customers faster, anywhere.

Focus on topics you care about most!

Engage customers, anywhere with Watson

Organization need to provide business continuity, reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction while handling the significant increase in contact volumes. They need to automate servicing requests through AI (virtual assistants), deflect from voice (phone) channel to messaging and chat, and enable customer service agents to work from home.



Protect against new cybersecurity risks

Organizations must quickly take steps to protect and enable their remote workforces, detect and respond to accelerating threats and virtually extend their security teams to ensure business continuity and cyber resiliency.



Enhance your IT resiliency and business continuity

Organization need to protect their business with a resilient, flexible IT infrastructure. They need to strengthen their business continuity with the right tools, technology and skills to deal with crises. They also need to protect and recover from cyber attacks by having a robust cyber recovery plan and secure data storage to ensure smooth operations of their environments if a crisis impacts physical access to data centers.
Areas such as network resiliency, crisis management, employee safety, client engagement and zero-touch operations become paramount.



Accelerate agility and efficiency with IBM Cloud

Organization need the ability to operate anywhere and also need a seamless transition to remote business with a secure, flexible cloud and digital services for mobility, virtualization, collaboration and support — now more than ever.



Featured Speakers

A look at a few of the exciting speakers who will be at Think Digital Summit South East Europe.

icon-expand-white Saška Mojsilović

Saška Mojsilović

Saška Mojsilović

Saška Mojsilović

Aleksandra (Saška) Mojsilović is a scientist, Head of Trusted AI Foundations at IBM Research, Co-Director of IBM Science for Social Good, and IBM Fellow. She is a Fellow of the IEEE and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology. Saška received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia. Prior to joining IBM Research, Saška was a member of the faculty at the University of Belgrade, and a Member of Technical Staff at the Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey. Saška has spent last two decades pursuing innovative applications of data science, machine learning and AI in real-world challenges. She has applied her skills to problems in business analytics, IT operations, healthcare, multimedia, finance, HR, economics, and social good. She is currently working on creating cutting-edge technical solutions for ethical, trustworthy, and transparent AI. Saška is the author of over 100 publications and holds 16 patents. Her work has been recognized with several awards including IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Author Best Paper Award, INFORMS Wagner Prize, IBM Extraordinary Accomplishment Award, and IBM Gerstner Prize.

icon-expand-white Ralph Demuth

Ralph Demuth

Ralph Demuth

Ralph Demuth

Vice President, IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software Technical Executive, Europe CTO Red Hat Synergy Europe

Ralph Demuth is the Cloud Technical Executive for IBM in Europe. In this role he leads the technical sales teams for IBM Public Cloud and the Hybrid Cloud Software portfolio which enables clients to build Open Hybrid Multicloud environments. The expertise of this team spans from application development and data analytics tooling to Watson AI services and security software. The Cloud Technical Sales team brings together all business and technical expertise around the IBM cloud offerings.

Ralph´s personal business focus is on the use of new technologies to change customer business models combining the power of cloud with expertise in data analytics and AI. He has a technology background from previous management and professional roles. He managed the Wireless e-business organisation in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and also worked as chief architect in the IBM´s Mobile e-Business Advanced Technical Support Center in La Gaude, France.

Prior to these roles he was a research associate at the International Center for Advanced Internet Research in Chicago, USA and has led the IBM Asia-Pacific software technical sales team from Shanghai, China.

icon-expand-white Felicity March

Felicity March

Felicity March

Felicity  March

Resilience & Security Director

Flick (Felicity) has spent her life immersed in technology and is passionate about ensuring the world builds Resilience right into the core of Technology and Services. She strives to ensure companies can ensure they can "maintain core purpose and integrity under duress" which has become especially important since the arrival of the Pandemic.

Flick is skilled in Business Continuity, Resilience and majors in Cyber Resilience, and she fully understands the importance of the need for rapid transformation into the Digital World as well as the risks of not having services available and has been supporting many businesses during this Pandemic.

She started her career as a hacker, and has worked for technology giants for over 30 years, in that time she has worked and advised Companies, Governments and Standards bodies on the emerging IT trends and she works to ensure integrity and sustainability is baked into the heart of IT.

Flick has a wealth of expertise and experience throughout her career and her insights and perspective are refreshing. She also is an advocate of driving STEM skills in to the younger generation and is an active mentor and coach to the next generation of technologists. This year she won the Women in IT, Security Champion of the Year due to her diligence and focus on Resilience.

She also is passionate about Personal Resilience, and is a qualified Mental Health First Aider supporting her work colleagues, she lives in Winchester with her family, three dogs and not enough motorbikes!

icon-expand-white Stefan Lutz

Stefan Lutz

Stefan Lutz

Stefan Lutz

General Manager IBM Services, Transformation Program Leader

Since end of 2019, Stefan Lutz is leading the transformation program to integrate IBM Services on a global level, on behalf of the IBM Global Management Board and reporting to the SVP Mark Foster.

Before this latest mission he was for three years Member of the Management Board of IBM Germany and led the IBM Global Business Services (GBS) business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH). Prior to this role, Stefan Lutz was General Manager of IBM Global Business Services’ Industrial Sector division in Europe. In this position Mr. Lutz was responsible for IBM’s consulting, IT and business process services portfolio across the Automotive, Electronics, Aerospace & Defense, Chemicals & Petroleum and Discrete Manufacturing industries.

With almost 25 years consulting experience with IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers and ABB Management Consulting, he led engagements with clients around the world and held different executive management positions incl. P&L responsibility. As a resident of Munich, Germany, Stefan holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Würzburg. He engaged in post-graduate studies at Stanford University, IMD Business School and SAID Business School at University of Oxford.

Learn how to adapt to new challenges and gain the skills needed to adapt and evolve. Explore the Superpowers offered by IBM and learn how to stabilize and protect your organization. Enhance resiliency, ensure business continuity and, most importantly, stay connected.