Feature spotlights

Simplify and streamline process automation

Speed up critical activities during disruptive events with process automation and governance workflows. Workflows are designed to improve collaboration by integrating IT recovery messages into the communications between your Business Continuity coordinators. Changing to a yes/no question workflow helps reduce human error while automating concurrent work streams without extra human intervention to slow down work.

Maintain regulatory compliance

As disaster recovery tasks are completed, IBM Resiliency Communications as a Service tracks them in real-time, automating status reporting for both system-generated and manual recovery and restart processes. During incidents you can rest assured that you are reporting actual attainment against recovery objectives, documenting compliance for audits, and tracking facilities and data center operations management systems.

Enable and monitor alternate communications

Provide mobile and web communication channels when internal systems go down for alternate communications. Streamline response activities and communications using both automated and interactive workflows. Use two-way channels for instant collaboration between users and recovery staff. Avoid logjams with automated message escalation and distribution. Your people can interact and collaborate across alternate channels simultaneously in the case of channel failure.

Improve decision speed and accuracy

Source any data you require to trigger event workflows, real-time status reports and audit trails. Notify incident managers and teams about ongoing events and alerts, like sensor and system messages, via a customized dashboard on desktops or mobile devices. Dashboard views customized by audience removes needless clutter so teams can focus on immediate tasks. Managers can target particular people to activate or inform by role, availability or location.

Technical details

Software requirements

There are no software requirements for IBM Resiliency Communications as a Service.

    Hardware requirements

    There are no hardware requirements for IBM Resiliency Communications as a Service.

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