How IMS Connect Extensions for z/OS can help your business

IMS™ Connect Extensions for z/OS® improves the availability, reliability and performance of IMS Connect. With IMS Connect Extensions, your systems become more transparent, workloads are easier to manage and problems become easier to troubleshoot.

IMS Connect Extensions is part of the IMS Performance Solution Pack. The pack combines the features and functions of IMS Connect Extensions, IMS Performance Analyzer and IMS Problem Investigator. Together these tools provide opportunities for improved productivity for problem analysts, more efficient IMS application performance, better IMS resource utilization and higher system availability.

IMS Connect Extensions for z/OS

Advanced workload routing

Analyze problems and optimize performance by recording IMS Connect event data.

Operations Console z/OS Explorer plug-in

Use the IMS Connect Extensions Operations Console to monitor and manage your IMS Connect systems. Automate responses to changes in workload and processing capacity.

Simplified problem analysis

Analyze problems and optimize performance by recording IMS Connect event data.

Open Database connectivity

Support IMS Connect to IMS Connect TCP/IP communications and Open Database Manager (ODBM).

Automate operations using REXX

Access the services of IMS Connect Extensions directly from REXX programs.

Better IMS Connect reporting

Produce reports on IMS Connect activity using IMS Performance Analyzer and the IMS Connect Extensions journal.

How IMS Connect Extensions works

  • Integrates with IMS Connect
  • Advanced workload routing
  • Automates workload balancing operations
  • Provides a single point of control for IMS Connect
  • Captures and extends IMS Connect event data
  • Reveals transaction delays