What it can do for your business

Aspera Shares on Demand is the universal cloud-based file solution for sharing large files and entire directories amongst globally dispersed individuals and groups using Apsera FASP® transfer technology. It provides a simple and intuitive way for users to collaborate and share content in the form of files and directories of any size, within their organization or with external customers and partners. It includes web based user management, access control, notification options and storage configuration.

Easy-to-use web application

Offers users secure access to a simple, consolidated view of all shared content stored on-premises and in cloud data centers around the world

Direct integration with cloud

Delivers industry-leading Direct-to-Cloud transfer performance with its native integration into Cloud object storage

Patented FASP® technology

Enables maximum transfer speeds to, from and across Cloud platforms, independent of latency and packet loss

Powerfulsecurity model

Enables secure user management integration with common directory services and single sign-on providers in addition to providing data encryption, data integrity verification, and reporting options

Built-in user access

Provides a single management point with strong, granular control over which Shares, directories and files each user can access, as well as what operations each user can perform

Security and privacy in the cloud

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