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One service to take care of every identity and access management (IAM) need - that's what Cloud Identity Service will mean for your business. For a similar investment as shallow cloud-based IAM products, which only represent federated SSO and a few other IAM capabilities, Cloud Identity Service enables you to adopt cloud for your entire IAM system.

Onboard SaaS apps 100x faster

Cloud Identity Service has onboarded SaaS applications 100x faster than legacy on premises IAM environments and can integrate nearly any number and type of identity repositories in 5 easy steps.

Reduce IAM costs by up to 60%

Eliminate on-premise hardware and software deployment costs, as well as upgrade and maintenance expenses.

Cut deployment time up to 75%

Without requiring clients to hire and train specialized IAM staff, Cloud Identity Service is deployed up to 75% faster than off-the-shelf identity and access management systems.

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