Introducing Watson Works

Watson Works embeds Watson AI models and applications to provide insights designed to help you:

  • Decide when to return to the workplace 
  • Manage facilities and adhere to new protocols
  • Answer customer and employee questions on COVID-19
  • Connect employer data to entry privileges
  • Trace potential exposures and help access employee services
  • Stagger entry/exit times to manage density 
  • Protect healthcare data and securely manage employee opt-in and consent 
Kareem Yusuf: Introducing Watson Works (2:33)

Kareem Yusuf: Introducing Watson Works (2:33)

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Return to the workplace with confidence with Watson Works

Workplace re-entry

Inform decisions on when employees can return to the workplace, incorporating data on infection rates and self-reported employee health.

Facilities management

Manage facilities and optimize space allocation.

Workplace safety

Apply employer data for temperature monitoring, social distancing and mask wearing. 

Contact tracing and care management

Trace potential exposures and help employees access services.

Customer and employee care

Deliver fast, accurate answers about COVID-19 through virtual agents and applications.

Cybersecurity to protect your workforce

Deliver insights based on employer data to help secure and protect your employees and organization.

Services to get started

Employee-centric approaches for re-entry planning and workforce strategies

Emerge smarter with IBM

It’s time to rethink how business works

Engage customers with Watson

Deploy features like chat and virtual agents to increase productivity and provide timely responses to your customers and employees. Watson Assistant is a conversational AI platform that knows when to search for an answer from a knowledge base, when to ask for clarity and when to direct users to a human.

Plan for business continuity

Maintain business operations, protect critical data and assets, and effectively respond to threats with IBM Backup as a Service (BaaS). This service provides end-to-end management of data protection to address your unique backup, retention and retrieval needs. IBM backs up more than 3.5 exabytes of data for clients annually.

Unlock new agility with IBM Cloud

With IBM Cloud’s hybrid capabilities, you can operate your business securely anywhere and adapt to changes without compromise. You can easily build once and deploy anywhere, modernize applications, make your data ready for AI across your entire company and simplify regulatory compliance.

Protect against cybersecurity risks

IBM Cloud Pak for Security can help you uncover hidden threats and make more informed risk-based decisions. You can access IBM and third-party tools to search for threats across any cloud or on-premises location and orchestrate responses to those threats – all while leaving your data where it is.

Build resilient supply chains and operations

IBM Sterling helps you act with speed and confidence to mitigate supply chain disruptions and reduce operational costs through actionable AI-based insights and execution. Together, we can automate decision-making where it makes sense and empower your people with real-time insights.

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