We are offering a free summary of COVID-19 patient data from within the IBM Explorys database to help support your research needs.

Global data

Demonstrate value with global data

Finding the right real-world data for market access and commercialization can be challenging. We have access to rich and compliant European clinical data from THIN®, A Cegedim Database to help you demonstrate your product’s value.


Get your treatment to patients faster with fewer problems

New treatments can cost up to USD 2.6 billion to develop. This high cost can come from clinical trial delays, bad protocol decisions and poor drug commercialization, which can decrease the potential return on your investment. Life sciences companies could overcome these challenges with Watson Health technology, data and services.

Our customized solutions are combined with deep industry expertise and an experienced services team to help you work more efficiently and get the most value from a treatment.

With time-saving processes built into our cloud-based technology and critical insights from our curated datasets, you can make informed decisions that reduce trial costs, increase trial productivity and build a robust drug commercialization strategy. Through leveraging our services, you could also strengthen the case for your product’s value in the market and build consensus among key stakeholders.



Enhance clinical trial efficiency

Improve workflow efficiency and reduce trial costs with advanced life sciences technology.

Fast insights, backed by strong data

Access relevant information faster to enhance decisions from your entire enterprise with AI.

Clearly demonstrate value

Leverage our services to create strong evidence for your product’s value.


A more efficient approach to clinical development

Just one change to your protocol can cost $500,000 and extend your clinical trial by almost two months. What’s worse is that many protocol changes, and the impact these amendments have on your bottom line, are avoidable.

Build a better protocol
To make your studies more efficient and reduce trial cost, one step you can take is to optimize your protocol development—from planning to building. It could also allow you to make better decisions about your protocol design and build it more efficiently.

Streamline clinical operations   
Even with an ideal protocol, ineffective data management can slow down clinical development. A unified clinical data management system could streamline routine tasks and simplify the process of reporting results to stakeholders. A cloud-based platform could also make it easier for collaborators and study participants around the world to access your study.

Drug commercialization built with a data-driven strategy

A strong drug commercialization strategy that shows the value of a treatment is key to helping providers and payers understand the value of your treatment.

Working with industry specialists who have a wealth of research experience, can help you build consensus about your treatment’s value. Life sciences technology and insights from de-identified patient records can also help you develop strong evidence for stakeholders and develop a solid data-driven market strategy.