What is talent acquisition?

Talent acquisition is the practice of attracting and hiring top talent to meet your company’s unique business needs. Done the right way, talent acquisition doesn’t just fill jobs, it finds best fit candidates for your organization. IBM® offers comprehensive and integrated recruiting solutions powered by Watson AI and data-driven insights that help you identify the skills you need and incorporate precision into your recruitment and hiring practices.

There’s no better proof of effectiveness than the quality of the candidates that are coming through.

Dan Geiger, Recruiting Ops Manager and Lead Recruiter, BuzzFeed


more likely to progress to in-person interview

Prioritize work that matters—and future-proof your talent acquisition strategy.

The days of recruiters spending 80% of their time sifting through resumes are over. Refocus your team’s talent acquisition efforts to find the right talent, faster, and guided by data.

IBM Kenexa® Talent Acquisition Suite

Attract and engage candidates like a well-oiled marketing machine.

IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments

Select the ideal candidate with confidence, backed by behavioral science.

IBM Watson Candidate Assistant

Transform your candidate experience and increase the likelihood of applicant/job fit.

IBM Watson Recruitment

Increase recruiter efficiency and engagement, with the power of Watson.

Transform your business with AI-enhanced talent acquisition.


Choosing the right person for the right job, and assessing traits, skills, and fit for individuals, managers, and leaders is crucial to your success.

IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments offers an expansive portfolio of assessments that assess personality traits, problem solving, learned skills, and job/organizational fit. Our assessments are designed for all levels of an organization, including individual contributors, managers, and leaders.

Organizations vulnerable to digital disruption or those that simply want to fully optimize their talent acquisition strategy can find a true partner in IBM - and get an excellent recruiting platform too.

IDC MarketScape,

See how H&R Block maximizes same-day hiring

Thousands apply for a job, receive an offer, and complete their onboarding within 24 hours at the global consumer tax services provider.

The IBM Talent Acquisition Suite has allowed us to hire thousands of people same-day –meaning they’ve applied for the job, received an offer, and been onboarded the same day.

Katie Waldo, Manager, Talent Acquisition, H&R Block

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