Optimizing your data storage requires an informed perspective. We've compiled this comprehensive library to connect you to the learning resources you need. Start with foundational resources to build your knowledge base, then explore intermediate and advanced resources to focus your learning in specific areas.

Foundational resources

Data storage

Learn more about optical or mechanical media that records and preserves digital information.


Flash storage

Learn more about solid-state data storage for fast throughput and efficient use of data.


Storage area network

Discover the importance of storage area networks (SAN) in servers, storage, software and services.



Understand how High-performance ANalytic Appliance (SAP HANA) allows for advanced, real-time analytics.


IT Infrastructure

Discover the importance of IT infrastructure in the operation and management of enterprise IT services and IT environments.


Intermediate resources

The right IT consumption model

Discover how evolving business models and IT strategies are quickly changing data storage.


Data resilience for containers

Learn how to use IBM Spectrum Protect Plus to protect containerized applications for data.


How healthy is my storage?

Discover why you should be running regular checkups on your storage environment.


Data protection for the modern world

Learn more about new enhancements for effective modern data protection and cyber resilience.


Optimize your IT infrastructure

Discover how to optimize your IT infrastructure with a comprehensive approach to hybrid cloud.