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Desktop virtualization can help reduce costs by 30%

Fact: A growing number of enterprise employees want to work remotely at least some of the time.

Opportunity: By honoring this request, employers can earn favorable reviews — like 'friendly,’ ‘flexible’ and even ‘progressive’ — and find cost savings in providing support.

Challenge: IT gets the task of enabling anywhere, anytime work arrangements and ensuring that remote access to corporate data and apps is straightforward, reliable and secure.

This is where IBM Services for Desktop Virtualization has become so valuable. Desktop virtualization and application virtualization services move end-user computing from employee workstations to a centralized, server-based infrastructure. That means data and apps no longer live on personal computers, laptops or other end-point devices. Instead, those resources move to a managed data center — on premises, collocated or in the cloud — and employees can access them on the devices they prefer, including BYOD.

As a result, our customers report reduced total cost of ownership, easier device management, maintenance and support, better scalability and happier employees.

The IBM approach to desktop virtualization and application virtualization



We start by collecting and analyzing data to understand current use cases at your company, as well as technical and business requirements



We design and document the desktop virtualization solution that will improve or enable remote access to your company data



We build your solution, and install, configure, test and pilot all the necessary components



We transition the solution to your designated steady-state support team (regardless of if it’s IBM)

Desktop virtualization can help reduce costs by 30%

Reduced total cost of ownership

Reduced total cost of ownership

Easier device management, maintenance and support

Easier device management, maintenance and support

Better scalability

Better scalability

Happier employees

Happier employees


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