IBM DRaaS reliably helps recover critical IT business processes and data to support business resiliency. It also provides comprehensive disaster recovery services, including health monitoring as well as continuous replication of applications, infrastructure, data and cloud systems.

What you get with DRaaS

The role of automation in managing resilience in hybrid multicloud

Streamlined, speedy recovery

Offers a reliable disaster recovery orchestration with automation and quick provisioning in a software-defined recovery environment that helps reduce errors, risks, and resources for testing and documentation.

Optimized resiliency

Provides optimized resiliency and a risk-based approach to protecting critical IT services. Cloud testing and DR process validation offers insight and scenarios to help your organization bolster resiliency and recovery time.

Data-driven service environment

Quickly setup and implement DRaaS on IBM Cloud in under an hour without causing disruption. DRaaS lays out a data-drive service environment for performing DR tests, and for testing patches and upgrades.


Improved RTO and RPO

Get quick and verifiable RTO and RPO in minutes, seconds or near-zero seconds.

Multiple and custom delivery models

Provide disaster recovery services for most computing platforms, including private, public and hybrid cloud.

Lower disaster recovery services costs

Automation reduces IT staff needed for cloud disaster recovery and helps minimize the need for in-house disaster recovery servers.


Disaster recovery vs. disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS)

Comparing an on-prem DR solution with a multiyear subscription for IBM DRaaS? Think: total operating costs.

IDC BV assessment tool

Complete the analysis. See how you could benefit from reduced operational and business risk.

The role of automation in managing resilience in hybrid multicloud

Learn the drivers, trends and expectations of disaster recovery automation.

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