Evaluate security governance against business objectives

Your IT security risks grow in the face of disruptive business challenges, such as a skills shortage, breaches, data privacy compliance or technology innovations like operational technology (OT), cloud, internet of things (IoT) or Quantum.

Security strategy, risk and compliance (SSRC) services from IBM help you evaluate your existing security governance — including data privacy, third-party risk and IT regulatory compliance needs and gaps — against your business challenges, requirements and objectives. Our skilled security specialists can offer a wide range of capabilities, including security program development, regulatory and standards compliance, and security education and training.

Explore the pillars of security risk management

Assess IT security risk

We advise you on how to assess and quantify the IT security risks you face.

Reduce IT security risk

We work with you to develop and implement security strategies and roadmaps to reduce the risks that have been assessed.

Manage IT security risk pinpointing pictogram

Manage IT security risk

We provide proactive insight and reporting the ongoing status of the assessed risks.

  • Managed security awareness
  • Governance risk and compliance-as-a-service programs
  • Cloud security posture management offerings

Security awareness and training services

To foster a risk-aware culture, prepare your workforce to protect the organization against targeted attacks, and meet compliance, IBM Security provides comprehensive program development. With continuous adaption of security awareness and phishing education, you can create security awareness that helps reduce the risk of employees falling prey to phishing scams and causing a data breach.

Our program development services and software platforms help partners deliver eLearning, gamification, phishing and social engineering simulations.  Experienced IBM Security consultants provide platform customization, progressive training methods, metrics, reporting and program management for end-to-end, scalable security awareness training to help you mitigate the risks to your organization.

Security awareness program development

Learn how to build a security awareness and training program.

Security awareness and training for remote work

As organizations transition to remote work, learn how to stay focused on people-centric security.

Client success with a managed program

Hear client stories on the benefits of managed security awareness and training services.

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