Smoother, safer operations

Protect your growing volumes of data with superior security, including true end-to-end encryption. With IBM® MQ Advanced middleware, you can more easily implement reliable business continuity mechanisms to stay up and running. Share data across environments with ease; you can deploy certified containers for Red Hat® OpenShift® with one click.


Strengthen security and compliance

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End-to-end encryption protects your company and customers and supports compliance.

Support business continuity

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Implement an effective failover plan and eliminate any potential single points of failure.

Reduce cost

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Save money on audits, increase productivity and remove network storage costs.

Collaborate with confidence

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Safely exchange data with third parties and get native support for IBM® Blockchain integration.

Get enhanced container deployment

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Expect certified containers for Red Hat® OpenShift® with one-click operator deploy.

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Product features IBM MQ IBM MQ Advanced
24/7 IBM technical support included
Message queues for assured, asynchronous messaging
Message queuing
Flexible routing
Delivery acknowledgement
Transaction support
Publish and subscribe (includes durable subscriptions for guaranteed message delivery)
Language support for Java, Node.JS, COBOL, C, Go, .NET, Python, Ruby, C#
APIs: JMS, MQI, MQ Light
Messaging protocols: MQ, AMPQ, MQTT, REST
Build your own container image and charts for Docker, Kubernetes/Cri-O or Red Hat OpenShift
Certified container for Red Hat OpenShift with one-click operator deploy
Uniform clusters for automated workload re-balancing
Multi-instance (active/active, active/passive) high availability
Replicated data queue managers offering 3-node quorum high availability and disaster recovery
Native HA for cloud native 3-node quorum HA data replication (with IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration)
User identification and authorization
Support for TLS secured communications, including TLS 1.3 and mutual authentication
Allowlisting and blocklisting
Customizable security processing with security exits
Advanced message security for end-to-end message encryption
Advanced message security for end-to-end message data integrity
IBM Aspera fasp.io gateway for rapid message transfer over long distances or poor networks
Managed file transfer (MFT) for reliable, efficient and security-rich data and file transfer
IBM MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol support to communicate with telemetry devices
Blockchain bridge
Salesforce bridge


True end-to-end encryption

IBM MQ Advanced protects data in flight and in memory – and also protects data at rest.

Blockchain bridge (Linux only)

Easily access blockchain data from MQ and use local hyperledger fabric networks.

Advanced managed file transfer

Transfer files between systems in an auditable way, regardless of file size or operating system.

IBM® MQ Advanced for developers

Developers get full MQ Advanced features for development and unit test environments.

Connectivity features

Uniform clusters

Automated workload balancing removes any dependency on a specific queue manager.

Replicated data queue managers

A quorum-based high availability and disaster recovery solution.

Managed file transfer

A more reliable and efficient means for secure data and file transfer compared to FTP, HTTP and SFTP.

Advanced message security

Full end-to-end-encryption for unrivaled security of company and customer data, and compliance.

IBM® Aspera® FASP.io gateway

Rapid transfer increases network capacity to millions more messages per day without network changes.

MQTT protocol

Get connectivity through MQTT to remote sensors, actuators, and telemetry devices.