Integrate and investigate all of your intelligence

IBM Security i2 Connect is designed to help organizations increase efficiency of investigation and intelligence analysis activities by enabling users to connect to and search a variety of data sources to which they have authorized access and to bring results directly into an intelligence analysis environment on demand for multi-dimensional visual analysis
Screen shot of external searches in i2 Connect

Easily connect your data sources

Harness the power of multiple data sources to help detect vulnerabilities and disrupt cyber and physical threats.

Reduce cost and complexity

With minimal technical investment, use or create data connectors to allow rapid access to any data source or API for analysis of information held within disparate data sources.

Get actionable insights, quicker

Reduce the time required to aggregate data and derive rich, actionable intelligence from complex data sets using powerful advanced analytics.

Key Features

  • Simple data connection
  • Advanced link analytics
  • Timeline view
  • Fusion and visual search
  • Social network analysis
  • Geospatial investigation