Are you a New Yorker?

Learn more about Excelsior Pass, a secure and voluntary digital health pass to support the safe reopening of New York.


Why Digital Health Pass?

Learn how a digital health wallet can help you

The three-step process

See how IBM Digital Health Pass works for individuals

Get a COVID-19 test or vaccination

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Prior to a flight or event, a participating* pharmacy, lab or provider can issue your test result as a secured, verifiable health credential.

Receive health records

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When you receive the COVID-19 credentials, you can add them to your digital wallet - available on Apple App and Google Play stores.

Share health status

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When you arrive at the location, simply show the QR code on your digital wallet (or print it) for verification.

More questions

More information about Digital Health Pass is available in our FAQ


*Participating businesses need to be registered with the Digital Health Pass network