Create, deploy, execute and manage data transformation

IBM® WebSphere® Data Interchange provides a powerful standalone EDI translator solution that includes support for service-oriented architecture (SOA) and business process management (BPM) implementations through integration with other WebSphere business integration products. It facilitates the creation, deployment, execution and management of data transformation, and related standards-based processing between standards-based EDI formats and internal application data formats. IBM WebSphere Data Interchange is designed to meet high-volume and performance requirements within multiple industries including retail, transportation, electronics, financial services, automotive, petroleum and health care.

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Benefits of IBM WebSphere Data Interchange

Optimizes business processes

Automates, optimizes and manages end-to-end business process flows by integrating front-end web applications to back-end existing applications and EDI trading partners.

Provides advanced data translation

Electronically translates EDI format data such as invoices, purchase orders and billing forms for exchange with trading partners.

Improves standards compliance

Includes functionality for improved reporting and error handling, role and group-based management and audit trails.

Offers flexible deployment options

Can be operated as a stand-alone EDI system or integrated with other enterprise applications, either through its WebSphere MQ-based interface, or through its own APIs.

Key highlights

  • Create, deploy, execute and manage data transformation and related standards-based processing
  • Support data mapping between standards-based EDI and internal application data formats
  • Use as a stand-alone EDI system or integrate with other enterprise applications
  • Use with WebSphere Partner Gateway to support a broad range of transport connectivity methods