What IBM Tools Base for z/OS can do for your business

IBM® Tools Base for z/OS®, part of the zManage Tools portfolio, provides common infrastructure for various IMS™ Tools offerings. Tools Base offers components that support key strategic architectures, technologies, and services utilized by IMS Tools as well as upgrades to existing components. In addition, IBM Autonomics Director, an included component, provides the capability to automatically detect the degradation of application performance and to proactively execute maintenance utilities to help keep your data accessible. Autonomics Director can also save CPU time and help free your DBA staff to focus on more important work.
IBM Tools Base for z/OS

Tools execution automation

Use the Autonomics Director to support automation of tools execution for IMS Database Reorganization for z/OS.

Extended database insights

Exploit the web-based user interface from Administration Console to provide extended insight into the health and availability of IMS databases.

Advanced notification services

Take advantage of the Policy Services component for extended notification services.

Single logon

Use the single logon support in the Administration Console component to bring together resources from various environments across the enterprise.

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