Feature spotlights

Automatic Phishing Detection and Protection

IBM Trusteer Rapport uses advanced analytics and machine learning to detect and protect end users from phishing attacks. Using a cognitive approach, Trusteer Rapport can protect users in minutes as compared to hours for anti-phishing takedown services.

Financial Malware Protection

IBM Trusteer Rapport uses advanced malware detection technology enhanced by data collected from millions of endpoints to secure your customers' devices. Protection against new malware variants can be

Endpoint Malware Remediation

IBM Trusteer Rappport will not only detect the presence of financial malware on your customer's devices, but is also capable of removing it from the infected device and securing the online session. Trusteer Rapport works to rapidly secure the online banking session with your customer's device to help prevent attacks.

Global Threat Intelligence Service

IBM Trusteer has a dedicated security research team that continuously analyzes data to uncover new threats. As the team discovers those new threats, protections against them are added into Trusteer Rapport, which provides protection for your customers.

Protection From New Phishing Tactics

IBM Trusteer Rapport's advanced analytics helps to identify new phishing attack methods, alerting a team of threat intelligence researchers who further analyze the attack and deploy protecton for all Trusteer Rapport users.

Technical details

Software requirements

None Required

    Hardware requirements

    None required.

      Technical specifications

      There are no system requirements to deploy this cloud based solution. From an end-user perspective, recent versions of popular browsers and operating systems are supported. Please view the link for more information about Trusteer supported platforms.

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