Key features of IBM Z Operations Insight Suite

Continuous curation of key performance metrics

Continuous curation of data improves the timeliness of your access to information and analytics so that you can better manage system availability. Resolve problems with quicker insight into performance and capacity anomalies within minutes and hours of data collection, whilst lowering the processing overhead impact of data curation.

Consumable out-of-the-box dashboards

A comprehensive set of dashboards are provided across multiple reporting platforms, including Cognos® Analytics, to deliver easy to adopt insights for multiple user needs, from performance analysts to IT operations management and capacity planners. Data can also be streamed to off-platform analytics platform of choice, such as Splunk or Elastic Stack, through the use of the IBM Z® Common Data Provider, thus enabling IBM Z data to be visible and leveraged in enterprise-wide platforms.

Forecasting capabilities to predict future resource needs

The built-in Forecaster function provides the means to use your historical data usage trends (plotted against existing capacity) to determine when additional resources will be required in your IT strategic planning process.

Enhanced reporting for your R4HA and Tailored Fit Pricing

Whatever pricing model you follow to license software on IBM Z, enhanced reporting is provided so as to help performance and cost management identify products and workloads that contribute to the either the rolling 4-hour average or enterprise consumption models.

Enterprise wide operations visibility

Integrate IBM Z operational data along with data from the rest of your enterprise in your analytics platform. Leverage IBM best practice insights on multiple analytics platforms including IBM, Splunk, and Elastic Stack to gain enterprise wide operations visibility.

Identify unusual workload behaviors

Leverage machine learning to baseline normal system behavior. Analyze anomalies in the context of other operational data and receive alerts in your system with actionable insight.

Technical details

Software requirements

The minimum required level of operating system is z/OS V2.2, or later.

    Hardware requirements

    The minimum required hardware prerequisite is IBM System z10 or subsequent 64-bit z/ Architecture processors.

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