Feature spotlights

Holistic Omni-channel performance view

Make decisions, take actions, and build experiences that meet customer expectations and drive profitable business across digital and physical store channels with greater confidence and maximum impact.

Evaluate cost, capacity, margin results

Enables lines of business to execute optimized fulfillment plans, in real-time, to maximize capacity while reducing shipping costs for increased profit, especially during peak periods.

Reduce total cost-to-serve in real-time

Assists Omni-channel fulfillment practitioners in Retail leverage cognitive science to better understand their customers and drive real-time action.

Omni-channel profitability

Enable lines of business to easily execute optimized fulfillment plans at the lowest cost-to-serve resulting in improved Omni-channel profitability.

Optimized sourcing

Optimize and choose the best sourcing node in real-time to minimize shipping costs.

Cognitive capabilities

Leverage cognitive science to better understand customers and drive real-time action for improved outcomes for Omni-channel fulfillment.

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