LinuxONE Emperor II - a better platform for trusted services

Protect against both internal and external threats

IBM Secure Services Containers, unique in the industry, protect against privileged user abuse and malware. In combination with crypto keys and isolated workloads engineered for EAL5+ certification, LinuxONE is the industry's most secure Linux server.

Rely on a system engineered for data serving

Ensure your latest data is instantly available by combining your data and applications in one system. Utilize the fastest commercial processor, on core and on chip cache, large memory and unique dedicated I/O processing. There’s no need to split or shard databases; LinuxONE can host a 17TB MongoDB database on a single system with 2.4x better throughput.

Gain unmatched performance and vertical scale

Keep your main cores free to run multiple mixed workloads in parallel without slowing each other down. Gain up to 50% faster Java performance and support up to 2M Docker containers. LinuxONE handles it all with up to 170 cores (equivalent to over 1,000 x86 cores), hundreds of dedicated I/O processors and the fastest commercial processor available.

Accelerate innovation with an open source ecosystem

Use your preferred Linux distributions and databases – Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu, DB2™, MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL and more. Exploit the most modern development tools including Go, Swift and Node.js and cloud and orchestration software such as OpenStack and WebSphere, Puppet and Chef and new technology such as the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger project for blockchain trusted transactions. Free your developers to build the most innovative apps, without having to build in scale, security or speed.

Differentiate yourself with premium cloud services

Deploy premium cloud services quickly and achieve operational excellence. Managed and cloud service providers can differentiate themselves on a platform with the security, speed and scale their customers demand and competitors will envy.

Run your apps and blockchain on a trusted platform

From banking, to retail, to healthcare, LinuxONE is the platform of choice for mission critical apps and blockchain – where fast data access, transactional scale, and the highest level of trust are required. It's so secure and so fast (3.7x faster than x86 Intel Broadwell), IBM chose to deploy its own blockchain cloud, IBM Blockchain Platform, on LinuxONE.

Lower your TCO and save significantly over x86

Shift investment from maintenance to innovation. Achieve up to 65% lower total cost of ownership over x86 and leverage customized financing and leasing options to speed your transformation.

Customer case studies

Building a secure blockchain for diamonds


Alleviating poverty and ocean plastic

The Plastic Bank

Delivers always-on banking at scale to a new generation


How customers use it

  • Weather service gains faster insights and protects a nation


    Technology is critical to predicting the weather – and faster insights protect lives, property and the national interest.


    Graham Mallin, Executive Head of Technology at Met Office, and Richard Lawrence, Enterprise IT Architect at Met Office, join Jim Daly, Brand Lab Editor at WIRED, to discuss how Met Office uses LinuxONE for reliable weather forecasting.

  • Cloud service provider improves transportation for millions


    Huaxia Express needed a highly scalable, secure foundation for a quickly expanding e-ticketing system.


    Dr. Chen, CEO of Huaxia Express, explains how LinuxONE removes complexity and lowers barriers to business growth with no-hassle security and instant scalability to millions, or billions, of users.

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