What is IMS Command Control Facility for z/OS?

IBM® IMS™ Command Control Facility for z/OS® offers improved efficiencies in several areas of IMS command processing viewing, and analysis. It offers a single image view of multiple IMS systems, and supports DB/CTL, DB/DC, and DC/CTL control regions.
IMS Command Control Facility

Simple IMS command execution

Choose from a batch utility, TSO session via an ISPF interface or from a Callable Application Program Interface (API).

Pre-execution command analysis

Analyze IMS database commands to ensure successful completion across all requested systems by reviewing DBRC and IMS control blocks before each command process has finished.

Central log review

View all IMS master terminal messages in a single log view, along with commands and command responses.

Batch control that leverages sysplex

Use the batch command processor in sysplex to process IMS commands across all regions.

Streamlined and synchronized changes

Use the batch command manager to synchronize online changes and database commands across all regions in a sysplex.

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