Transforms data replication

IBM® Netezza® Replication Services provides asynchronous data replication for disaster recovery and concurrent multiple-site access. It helps protect against data loss by replicating data from a primary system to one or more target systems. Target systems perform two key functions: “warm standby” for system failure or planned down time at the primary system and concurrent BI and reporting access to synchronized data stores – workload distribution, balancing and optimization. In addition to addressing enterprise-level data replication needs, Netezza Replication Services delivers superior performance.

Provides fast replication

Delivers resilient, high-speed data replication from a primary system to one or more geographically dispersed target systems.

Enables disaster recovery

Enables robust disaster recovery for IBM PureData Systems for Analytics.

Uses powerful analytics

Empowers your enterprise with analytics and business intelligence reporting against any system in a replicated cluster.

Optimizes replication performance

Delivers high-volume data movement with negligible performance penalties and optimal bandwidth usage.

Four key reasons why you need Netezza Replication Services

  • Ensure the same content is replicated
  • Survive critical hardware failures
  • Support multiple SQL queries
  • Replicate across networks

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