Transforms portfolio and risk management

IBM® Algorithmics® Portfolio Construction and Risk Management provides a flexible, customizable tool for portfolio managers, risk analysts and senior officers to address different perspectives on risk management. Algorithmics Portfolio Construction and Risk Management is available in several editions to meet your specific business and deployment needs. Select the Managed edition, a cloud-based service hosted by IBM, to get up and going fast and scale when you need it to. Choose the on-premise edition for absolute control. Opt for the hybrid deployment to combine the best of in-house and cloud-based systems.
IBM Algorithmics Portfolio Construction and Risk Management

Improves risk-based decisions

Delivers access to advanced features for risk aggregation, attribution and decomposition of portfolio risks. Obtains better insights for immediate and smarter risk decision-making.

Provides flexibility for your business

Empowers your team with a flexible solution that addresses the requirements of executives, chief investment officers, chief risk officers, compliance officers, portfolio managers and researchers.

Supports complex regulation requirements

Provides the ability to meet complex regulatory compliance. Addresses continuously evolving rule across many geographies and jurisdictions.

Why use Portfolio Construction and Risk Management?

  • Provide Advanced analytics
  • Gain an edge with bundled market data
  • Turn the corner on meeting complex regulations
  • Tailor a solution for your specific needs

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